Specialized Equipment Transport

Specialized Equipment
Transport in Atlanta, GA

At Southside Wrecker, our capabilities include standard vehicle and equipment hauling and transport services and specialized equipment transport. Our resources include more than 30 vehicles that are available to handle a variety of transport requirements. In addition, our exceptionally trained professionals have the skills and experience to provide fast and safe transport when you need them in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Reliable Specialized Equipment Transport Services

Our team is highly trained to handle your specialized equipment with the utmost care, ensuring it is protected from damage while in our hands. We can transport various special, heavy and large-sized equipment and vehicles. If the heavy haul you need requires an RV hauler, bus, hauler, fire truck transport specialist, or another massive vehicle transporter, we have you covered in the Atlanta, GA area.

Whether your load is oversized, overweight, or both, our specialized vehicles and other equipment for specialized equipment transport requests can handle the job. We perform every transport with a high degree of professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency. We also adhere to all relevant transportation regulations that apply to the service area where we perform the work. And our team takes great care to protect your specialized equipment from damage during transport operations – from pickup to delivery.

Look no further than Southside Wrecker for the first-in-class specialized equipment transport services you need.

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For more information about our specialized equipment transport capabilities, call us today at 770.884.6187.

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