Back in 2005, the Move Over Law was passed by voters and lawmakers to prioritize the safety of everyone on the roads. The law was created in response to the rising death toll of police, emergency personnel, and DOT workers. These deaths were taking place while performing routine traffic stops, accident support, and highway construction throughout the country.

The Move Over Law:

When an oncoming emergency or towing vehicle is in the emergency lanes, ALL motorists must move over one lane away from the emergency lane. Failure to comply with the law can lead to a fine of up to $500.

The Move Over Law is saving lives and should always be followed. For your safety and your fellow motorists, observe the following safety tips when you are involved or driving past an emergency on the highway:

1) Move One Lane

When you are on the road and see a highway emergency coming up, go ahead and move one lane away from the incident. Not only is this a law, but it is also a courtesy to the driver and emergency personnel.

2) Slow Your Vehicle

If there is an accident ahead, slow down so you can change lanes cautiously and avoid further collisions. Additionally, when you are behind a tow truck with an attached vehicle, slow down to give the driver adequate space.

3) Do Not Get Out of Your Car

If you are stranded or stalled waiting for your tow truck, your passenger seat is the safest spot. By scooting to your passenger seat, you are further away from the traffic. If you must exit your vehicle, always do so from the passenger side, out of the path of the highway and oncoming cars.

4) Know Your Roadside Assistance

When you are waiting for help, double check the driver’s name and the tow truck company coming to help. Unfortunately, there have been incidents where people have used emergency situations as an opportunity to pose as the help and steal valuables. Until the service you called arrives, keep your doors locked.

Any time that you are on the road, prioritize your safety and the safety of all other motorists through following the Move Over Law and these tips. If you need emergency help, the Southside Wrecker team are standing by to help 24/7.