Private Property Impound


If your private property is obstructed by a broken-down, abandoned, or illegally parked vehicle, Southside Wrecker can handle the issue with our swift impound towing services. We will address the problem so you can return to your normal day. Whether you own a small business or are looking to protect your residential property from an unwanted vehicle, our team can help. Conveniently located in both Union City and Newnan, Georgia, we are ready and able to assist the surrounding metropolitan area with our tow services. Call Southside Wrecker today if you need assistance removing an illegally parked vehicle from your property and our team will be there in a flash.


We work hard to make sure reserved parking spots are not taken by unauthorized vehicles, handicapped parking remains accessible to those who need it, and homes and businesses are not obstructed by broken down or illegally parked vehicles. With towing equipment that can almost handle any job, we provide impound towing services for homeowners and businesses alike. So if you have an urgent impound need, or would like to partner together to protect your property now and into the future, contact Southside Wrecker today and a member of our team will be glad to help.

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