Wrecker Repair


Inside out, we know wrecking equipment. Our team operates using a fleet of over thirty different vehicles. Whenever you are in need of wrecker repair in Union City, GA, we can help. The Southside Wrecker crew will get your rig working again so you can get back on the road.

With three decades of experience with wrecker repair in Union City, GA, Southside Wrecker is the smart choice for your wrecker.


Wreckers are the overlooked heroes of the highway—Wreckers play a vital role on the scene of a crash. Hauling away vehicles quickly is necessary to keep all motorists safe. Our team will get your wrecker going so you can get to the scene alongside first responders.

Wreckers help people get moving—Wreckers supports motorists by moving their broken down cars to repair shops. Once we have helped you, you can pass along the help to motorists.

Southside Wreckers are experienced with wreckers and can restore your rig swiftly. Our crew is ready to get to work!Wrecker Repair Newnan GA

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