If you have had a minor accident, a battery die, or your tire give out, you are left waiting on your tow service on the side of the road. In this challenging moment, it is important to think clearly and act quickly for your safety. Following these recommendations, you can prioritize your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists while waiting on a tow service:

Please DO move your car out of traffic as much as you can safely—If your car remains drivable, carefully ease it over to the shoulder. Most states have Steer I and Clear it laws, if you can get out of the travel lane safely, please do so. Even though your emergency lights are on, many drivers will not notice, and this could lead to further accidents as they rear end your disabled car.

Regardless of the time of day, DO turn on your hazard lights—Notifying other motorists about your car’s situation is important for the wellbeing of everyone on the road. The hazard lights are designated with a red triangle and are typically located on your dashboard or near your steering column.

DO what is safest for you—Whether you stay with your car or exit the vehicle, be sure to choose what you feel comfortable with. When staying in your car, keep your seatbelt fastened. If you choose to leave your car, pull over to the shoulder and exit through your passenger side. Even if you are off the road, be alert and aware.

DON’T ever accept a ride from a stranger—When you are waiting, be cautious of fellow motorists. Although there can be good people wanting to help, there can also be people who would take advantage of your situation. You have help on the way so no need to accept help from unknown people.

If you choose to leave your car, DON’T leave your personal belongings exposed—When exiting your car, take important items like your phone, purse, insurance, and any other valuables with you to prevent theft or damage. Even if you are remaining with your car, gather your belongings so you will be ready to take them home.

If your car cannot be moved out of traffic, DON’T exit your vehicle—Although it can be tempting to want to check the damage on your car, the risk to your safety is not worthwhile. Turn on your hazard lights and remain buckled in your vehicle.


When you need a towing company, you can trust Southside Wrecker to arrive at the scene quickly to care for you and your vehicle. Follow these safety guidelines and we will be there ASAP!