Being on the side of the road, instead of with family celebrating, is both disappointing and dangerous. With cold weather and poor road conditions, your car is at greater risk of issues. Being pro-active with your car’s maintenance can significantly lower your chances of your family being stranded with car issues this holiday season. Before you leave for your holiday trip, follow these tips from the team at Southside Wrecker:

  1. Take a Look at Your Tires—Although it is possible to run over something and have an expected tire blowout, more tire issues occur when your car’s tires are old, worn out, low on air, or lacking proper tread. Always make sure your tires are filled to the recommended pressure prior to leaving for your trip. Also, ensure that your spare tire is filled and that you have all the tools for changing a flat tire packed. If you are unsure about the tread on your tires, stick a penny upside down into one of your tire treads. When your tires have proper tread, you should be able to see all of Lincoln’s head. If your tire’s tread is worn down, take your car to your mechanic. Even though tire replacement may be expensive, the safety risk and expense of emergency services would be far worse.
  2. Check the Coolant—This maintenance step can easily be performed DIY. You can purchase coolant for about ten dollars and easily refill your coolant. If you know that your car has a history of overheating, keep some extra coolant in your trunk just in case.
  3. Pack Your Jumper Cables—Battery problems never happen at convenient moments. Even if you find a kind stranger willing to help, they may not have jumper cables in their vehicle. Keep yours in the car so you are ready to be helped or help someone else in their time of need.
  4. Be Prepared—If you are traveling a long way and/or at night, make sure that your car is outfitted with some essentials to keep your family safe and comfortable while you wait for help.
  • Blankets—If a breakdown happens, your car can become chilly quickly. Blankets will keep your family warm while you wait for emergency assistance.
  • Flashlight—Especially when you are traveling at night, a flashlight is crucial. With a flashlight, you may be able to determine the issue with your tire or even change your tire on the side of the road.
  • First Aid Kit—If your roadside emergency was an accident, minor scrapes could be handled while you wait for medical help.
  • Road Flares—Whether you are stuck on a busy highway or a remote country road, road flares can alert other motorists as well as emergency help of your car’s presence. Road flares could even prevent secondary accidents by increasing your visibility.

If your family is traveling this season, stay safe and know that Southside Wrecker is standing by if you need us. Our emergency services are available 24/7 so there is no reason to stay stuck waiting this holiday season. Happy travels and Merry Christmas from the Southside Wrecker team!