During the winter season, your tires are subjected to many hazardous conditions which can endanger you if your tires are not up to the task. Whether driving in icy, snowy conditions or a rainstorm, your tires’ tread will determine how safely you are able to travel. Do not wait for a blowout or your car slipping off the road to figure out that your tires are in poor condition. As emergency service experts, the team at Southside Wrecker has seen many tire incidents and we want to help you avoid a dangerous accident. Keep a look out for these warning signs so you can be pro-active about your safety:

  • Ask Honest Abe—You can check your tire tread in a minute with no other tools but a penny. It really is that simple. Stick a penny in your tire tread. If you can still see all of Abraham Lincoln, your tires need to be replaced. If half of Abe is covered up, your tire treads are still okay. Replacing tires can be expensive, but the cost of an accident and tow will be more detrimental.
  • Look for Signs of Aging—If your tires are bulging, bald, or blistered, it is time for a visit to your mechanic. These signs of age could easily become blowouts, flat tires, or ripped tires if left unattended. Bald tires are especially worrying because your car will have no traction and could easily lead to you sliding off the road, especially in wet or icy conditions.
  • Notice Cracks and Cuts—When your tires are cracked or cut in the sidewall of your tire, they are a flat tire ready to happen. Cracks and cuts only worsen over time so address the problem with your mechanic right away.
  • Pay Attention to Vibrations—Your car is not designed to vibrate for significant amounts of time regardless of the conditions of the road. If you notice your car vibrating, this can be an indicator that your tires are in trouble. Visit your mechanic straightaway to avoid endangering yourself.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Metal or Fabric Showing—Beneath the surface of your tire, there are metal and fabric components which are never intended to be seen or exposed to the road. Metal and fabric are structurally important for your tires but are not designed to handle wear and tear of hitting the road. New tires are a must if you observe any metal or fabric showing.


In the event that you discover your tires are in bad shape through a blow out or flat tire, we are standing by 24/7 to help you. Call Southside Wrecker for swift emergency help!