In Georgia, the rainy days can feel unending sometimes. Rain can create very dangerous driving conditions if you are unprepared. Since driving in the rain cannot be avoided, consider following these safety tips from the roadway experts at Southside Wreckers. Unfortunately, we are often called because of accidents which occur because of dangerous road conditions. Practicing these safety tips could save you the expense and inconvenience of an accident as well as your life.

  • Be Cautious Starting with the First Raindrop—Most motorists would expect a road to be dangerous when the rain is heavy or there are puddles all over the road. Surprisingly, the very beginning of a storm can actually bring very slick conditions. Basically, at the beginning, the hot, oily, and dry road becomes incredibly slick when the grease and oil combine with water. Just because the rain just started does not mean the danger is not there yet. Be vigilant!
  • Slow Down Immediately—The best step to take for your safety is to drive slowly and cautiously. So many accidents could have been prevented by simply slowing pace. You cannot expect to drive the same way in wet conditions as you would in dry. Go ahead and plan your time so that you will not be rushed. Your safety is far more important than getting to your destination faster.
  • Start Braking Early and Avoid Stopping Quickly—Your brakes cannot stop as quickly in wet conditions. When you use your brakes, do it gently and in advance. If you slam on your brakes in wet conditions, you could slide, lose control of your car, or spin out. For your safety and the other motorists around you, use your brakes gently at the first sign of needing to stop.
  • Make Sure Your Headlights Are On—Many accidents occur because of cars being unable to see other cars. Some drivers put on their emergency lights while driving in the rain to help combat this problem, but that can cause confusion about whether that car is stopped or still going. Just turning on your headlights will be enough to make you visible to other motorists.
  • Shut Off Cruise Control—Cruise control can be a useful feature for your commute, but at the first sign of rain, take control yourself. You need to be carefully managing your brakes and gas to ensure your safety. Unfortunately, accidents have happened because of cruise control causing a car to hydroplane and not allowing for proper braking in wet conditions.


If you have been in an accident because of rainy conditions and your car is in a safe spot, stay there and give us a call. If your car is not out of danger, carefully exit away from traffic until you can get help. The Southside Wreckers Crew is standing by to help during any storm!