Whether you are planning a road trip or only driving your normal commute, having a car emergency kit is important for your safety and comfort in the event of an emergency. At Southside Wreckers, we have helped motorists with car emergency kits and those without. The drivers with emergency kits are generally more at ease because of being proactive in outfitting their car. You can make your car emergency kit using the following items:

  • Flashlight—We recommend a quality aluminum flashlight which either runs on D batteries or lithium batteries. Make sure to keep spare batteries and a bulb in your car just in case.
  • Basic Tools—You can buy a pre-made emergency tool kit or put together your own with the following key items: pliers, pocketknife, vise-grips, wire-cutters, adjustable wrench, two different sized flat head screwdrivers, Phillips head screwdriver, and a ball-peen hammer. Although the pre-made kit may be simpler, making your own could save significant money.
  • First Aid Kit—A first aid kit could help with a minor scratch or help save a life while you wait for emergency services. Small pre-made kits can be purchased for under $20 or you could stock your own. Either way, being prepared with basic medical supplies would be wise.
  • Jumper Cables—Whether your car has broken down or a fellow motorist’s car has, jumper cables could help get things moving safely again without a tow.
  • Blanket—Especially if your car breaks down in the winter season, you will be much more comfortable waiting for emergency services if you have a warm blanket on hand.
  • Safety Triangles or Flares—Visibility is important whenever you are broken down. Although flares can be visible, they also can be a safety hazard of their own. Safety triangles can boost your visibility without any risk of sparks. Also, safety triangles are reusable.
  • Tow Strap—Tow straps are a pretty compact solution to help dislodge an immobilized car. They work far better than tow chains or tow ropes.
  • Fire Extinguisher—Make sure to get a 2.5-pound fire extinguisher instead of the ¾ pound auto varieties. When a vehicle is on fire, a little ¾ pound fire extinguisher will not be able to handle the fire, especially since gasoline is present.
  • Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge—If you purchase an inflator with a sealing capability, you may be able to fill up your tire enough and seal it so you can proceed to a tire shop. Simple tire pressure gauges work just fine so do not feel the need to break the bank for a digital one.


If you are experiencing a roadside emergency, call for emergency services and Southside Wreckers! We work alongside first responders to ensure your safety. While you are not in an emergency, go ahead and prep your car to have peace of mind.