Gas prices are at a serious low, but the Covid-19 crisis is encouraging people to stay off the roads and remain home. Staying home can be good for your health, but not for the health of your car. Cars are not meant to sit unused for long periods of time. Even if you do not exit your vehicle, consider a drive for your vehicle’s wellbeing at least every two weeks. A suitable drive could be as short as 10 miles, if you ideally exceed 50 mph. If you experience any problems on the road or need towing, Southside Wrecker is standing by to help. We are working hard to prioritize your safety through social distancing and safety measures throughout your towing experience.

Reasons for Taking a Drive:

  • Enjoy A Change of Environment—Sheltering at home is beneficial for your health, but many people have reported feeling stir crazy, depressed, or isolated. A drive around town could help your mental health to have a change of scenery while remaining safely in your car. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride. Whether you take a drive to enjoy the view or to pick up essential items, a drive out every couple weeks will be good for you and your car.
  • Avoid Battery Problems—Most motorists realize leaving their lights on can drain their battery, but probably more drivers would be surprised by how much their battery is impacted by inactivity. Going on and cranking your car is not the same as taking a drive. Even if your car starts, the car is not getting the same benefit as a drive. Your battery life will be better preserved through driving around every two-three weeks.
  • Discourage Animals from Moving In—A stationary car can become a great place for animals to make themselves at home. Birds can build nests. Rodents enjoy snacking on a car’s wiring. A stray cat could find a cozy spot in your engine blocks. You can likely avoid damage to your car and prevent wildlife from getting too comfortable.
  • Prevent Tire Flat Spots—Your tires are designed to be rotated to minimize wear in one single section of the tire. If your car sits inactive for a long period of time, your tires can get flat spots, which could lead to a tire blowout. Also, your tire getting flat spots can cause problems for your breaks, rotors, axels, and more. Instead of dealing with the hassle and inconvenience of a blowout, air up your tires and take that drive.

Whether your car has broken down on the side of the road or your car needs a tow from sitting too long already, Southside Wrecker is standing by to help. Give us a call for a safe and timely tow service!