When motorists are on the side of the road, it is not uncommon for them to be shopping around for tow services. Typically, price is the highest priority. Price is not everything when it comes to a towing service. Getting the cheapest price will likely mean that you are getting what you pay for: cheap service. At Southside Wrecker, we have over 30 years of experience towing cars properly and promptly. You can feel confident that your car will not be damaged while it is in our care. There are a few warning signs to look for when determining if you have found a professional tow service.

  • Their Equipment—Modern cars are more fragile than you may realize. If the tow service does not use the right equipment, your car could be damaged in the hauling process. Cluster hooks are designed to safely attach to your car without causing damage below the surface or knocking your car out of alignment. If the tow service shows up with J hooks to tow your car, dismissing their service would be wise. You will likely be paying more later to fix your car from the use of incorrect securing methods.
  • Their Truck—Older tow trucks tend to have steeper load angles which can cause scraping and damage to your vehicle while loading and unloading. Your vehicle should be winched on and off the bed even if it runs. The trucks we use at Southside Wrecker utilize the latest advancements to load your car without putting a strain on your vehicle.
  • Their Safety Attachments—When a car is loaded on the tow truck, your tow service should be securing the vehicle with at least four points between the bed and the vehicle. Some motorists are wary of securing a vehicle with straps. Straps can be perfectly acceptable for securing your vehicle if they are rated for the appropriate weight. In many cases nylon straps are rated stronger than chain. Most manufacturers now prefer wheel straps to be used. Never stand behind a tow truck while your vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

When you need a tow service, call Southside Wrecker. Our tow services are high quality, speedy, and fairly priced.