Although the Move Over Law was passed in 2003, there are plenty of motorists who remain unaware of the rule or choose not to follow it. As a wrecker service, our team at Southside Wrecker has witnessed many accidents which have been made more dangerous by people not moving over. If you are unaware of the details of the law, review the details below:

The Fast Facts about the Move Over Law:

The Basics—You are expected to move over a lane if there is an incident on the side of the highway, which includes any time there are police, first responders, or emergency workers in action with their lights on.

The Reason—There are far too many stories of roadside heroes being injured or killed while trying to offer their assistance. Unfortunately, traffic crashes are still the leading cause of police deaths in our state. When you move over a lane, you are helping protect roadside heroes and other motorists.

The Punishment—If you do not follow the Move Over Law, you could be fined $500 for your first offense and stricter punishments for repeat offenders.

Moving over a lane is mandatory when roadside heroes are present at the incident but moving over any time you see an idle vehicle is a good practice. Whether the car is broken down or having a tire changed, you can help protect fellow motorists by moving over and giving the vehicle space. Many lives will be saved by the simple act of changing lanes.

If you are in need on the side of the road, Southside Wrecker is standing by to help 24/7. We provide quality roadside services quickly to get you back on the move.