Whether traveling to Grandma’s house for the holidays or doing your usual work commute, driving in winter weather can be frightening and challenging. As temperatures drop for the winter season, the potential for ice and snow on the roads increases. As road experts, Southside Wrecker knows firsthand that being prepared can help you avoid accidents. We have rescued many people from the roadside after an accident from driving in dangerous weather conditions. Before you load up on a cold winter’s day, make sure to remember these key safety tips.

  •       Avoid Being in a Rush—When the roads are icy or snowy, the fastest way to end up in an accident is to speed. Slow down for your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists. If you are traveling too quickly, you could spin out and lose control, leading to a dangerous accident. Leave your home with plenty of time, so you will not be tempted to rush.
  •       Stay Away From Other Cars—After this year of social distancing, we should all be familiar with the concept of leaving space. Distancing from other vehicles is wise because it allows you more time to stop if the vehicle in front of you brakes quickly or loses control. We have seen many multiple car accidents caused by one or more cars following too closely. Icy road conditions can lead to a domino effect with one car hitting another, then that car hitting another, and so forth.
  •       Keep Your Car in Low Gear—If the road is icy, being in a low gear gives you better traction. Your car will be less likely to lose control and slip.
  •       Do Not Try to Be a Roadside Hero—Offering a stranded motorist help seems like the right thing, especially in the season of giving. However, when the road conditions are icy, your stopping can cause more harm than good. Visibility can be an issue, so you could cause a secondary accident while trying to help. Your car could slide into the stranded car, endangering yourself and the stranded motorist. This is a circumstance to let the professionals handle roadside emergencies.


If you find yourself on the roadside in need of help, reach out to Southside Wrecker. We are experienced with towing in the worst weather possible. You can count on us to come quickly and provide a professional solution.