There are many reasons to need equipment transport. Whether you are transporting your tractor over to your land or trying to get your construction equipment to your next job site, Southside Wrecker can handle it. We help customers move their heavy equipment for personal and work reasons.

What Qualifies as Equipment Transport?

Heavy equipment transport generally refers to equipment used for agricultural, construction, transportation, or airport sector related tasks. We have the capacity to handle everything from a sedan to an excavator to a bus. If you are unsure if your equipment fits our criteria, give us a call. We can probably help!

Why Should You Choose Us?

We have been in the towing industry for over three decades. Our team is not intimidated by any equipment. We have an extensive fleet of heavy duty vehicles designed to handle tough jobs. Our knowledge and experience combined with the best equipment makes us a wise choice for your equipment transport.

The Equipment Transport Process:

  •       You Give Us The Details—You can call us with the specifications of your equipment and the delivery details. We will get a clear picture of your needs, so we can match the right truck and driver to your job.
  •       We Provide a Contract and Estimate—Before any work is completed, you will receive an estimate, delivery plan, and contract.
  •       We Dispatch a Skilled Operator—Following your desired timeline, we will send the ideal driver and truck for the task.
  •       We Complete the Job As Promised—We will follow the agreed upon plan and complete your job on time and properly. Your equipment will be cared for meticulously, so that there will be no damage in transit.

If you are interested in learning more about our equipment transport, give Southside Wrecker a call today. We always deliver quality and professionalism.