In the season of chocolate in heart shaped boxes and dozens of roses, your vehicle might not be at the top of your gift list. Your car is the sweetheart that gets you from here to there, so do not forget to show your vehicle some love. Being proactive and keeping up with your maintenance can save you significant hassle and money down the line. Our Southside Wrecker team sees so many preventable roadside emergencies daily. We compiled a list of TLC for your vehicle, so you can avoid a heartbreaking breakdown.

  •       Check Your Fluids—No need to buy an expensive champagne to toast your love for your car—a quality oil will do! Stay up to date on your oil changes. Also, you could check your wiper fluid and antifreeze while you are under the hood. Keeping the fluids filled helps keep your car running smoothly and safely.
  •       Inspect Your Tires—Most motorists do not think much about their tires until they have a flat or a blowout. In many cases, tire emergencies can be avoided if tires are kept properly filled and replaced whenever their tread wears out. The average tire lasts about 4-5 years or 60,000-75,000 miles. Regularly check your tires for signs of age or damage, especially if you are nearing the 4-5 year mark. Love can be everlasting but tires certainly are not.
  •       Get Your Brakes Checked—Obviously, having your brakes work properly is essential. Ideally, your brakes should be inspected every six months to ensure safety. If you do not have a trusted mechanic yet, this is a relationship worth building. A good mechanic can help you avoid many roadside emergencies through preventative care.

Give your vehicle some TLC today! If you have a breakdown, call Southside Wrecker right away. We wish you and your vehicle a happily ever after!