1 out of every 4 car accidents is due to texting and driving according to the National Safety Council. Also, 1.6 million car accidents annually occur while using a cellphone and driving, which accounts for over 60% of the total car accidents in our country. Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving. As roadside emergency assistance professionals, we have seen these accidents for ourselves. Whether you are distracted by using a phone, eating a snack, or chatting with your passengers, your life and others around you are at stake when you are on the road. Teens are notorious for distracted driving, but they are not the only ones who drive distracted. Southside Wrecker will be there for you if you have been in an accident, but we would prefer you did not need us because of distracted driving. Follow these important safety tips to keep yourself safe and avoid needing emergency assistance:

  1.     Save Your Cell Phone For Emergencies—Having a cellphone with you while driving is wise because of potential issues. If you get a flat tire or your car breaks down, you want to be able to call for help. Save your social calls for later and focus on the road to ensure your safety. Some phones will even allow you to set up a function that will text back “driving” to anyone who texts you when you are driving. Even though hands free devices are helpful and prevent many cell phone related accidents, they cannot keep you from being distracted. If you are talking on your hands-free device, you will likely be less focused on sounds and visual cues that could save you from an accident. If you must use your phone, going hands-free is wise and required by the law in the state of Georgia.
  2.     Stop if You Are Super Sleepy—You are far more likely to crash while driving drowsy. Roughly a 1/3 of all American drivers have admitted to falling asleep or nodding off at the wheel before. Pulling off to splash water on your face, snooze for a minute, or purchase some caffeine would be far wiser than continuing in an impaired state.
  3.     Limit the Distractions in Your Car—When teenagers first start driving, many states will limit the passengers in their car. Basically, the government realizes that every additional person in the car of a novice could be dangerous. Even if you are no longer a teen, you should consider limiting the people or distractions in your car when possible.
  4.     Save Your Snacks for Later—Eating and drinking can be sources of distraction on the road too. Spilling your food could cause you to look away for a few seconds and end up in an accident. There are many preventable accidents that happen because a driver’s eyes leave the road for a few seconds. Eating on the go might seem like a major timesaver, but if you plan accordingly, you should be able to budget a few minutes to eat after you arrive.
  5.     Avoid Multitasking on the Road—Ironing while watching TV is one thing, but multitasking when you are driving can be very dangerous. If you are doing makeup while driving, you are looking away from the road consistently and could easily end up in a fender bender. Instead of going through your to do list while you are driving down the road, take care of the essentials before you start your car. Focus on the most important task of keeping yourself and other motorists safe through concentrated driving.

If you are in an accident and need a professional wrecker service, Southside Wrecker is standing by to help you 24/7. Stay focused on the road and stay safe!