Heavy lifting requires a skilled operator and a powerful machine to handle the task. Southside Wrecker is proud to have a 2018 Peterbilt Rotator as a part of our fleet of vehicles. Our rotator is one of the only vehicles of its kind in the state of Georgia. A rotator is the jack of all trades for heavy lifting, providing service to a variety of industries. Explore the diverse tasks that are made possible with the use of a rotator.

  •       Doing Heavy Lifting In Tight Spaces—Our rotator can do the job of a crane in much tighter spaces. If you need a stable lift with limited space inside or outside, our rotator is a suitable choice. We have helped many companies with placing heavy machinery, equipment, compressors, and generators at their commercial buildings or warehouses.
  •       Placing Heavy Vehicles on a Film Set—Georgia has become widely used by the film industry and we have had the opportunity to help make movie magic. We can place cars, boats, or heavy props to support the needs of a film company. After the scene is completed, we can safely remove the heavy object or vehicle as well.
  •       Supporting Emergency Services—If a vehicle has run off the road into a ravine, our rotator can set up roadside and retrieve the vehicle. We are used to working in tight places and under extreme pressure. Our team is honored to work alongside our local emergency response heroes to help motorists.
  •       Providing Vehicle Recovery—If a vehicle is stuck in the water or somewhere precarious, our rotator can reach it. The Southside Wrecker team is experienced and not intimidated by challenging heavy jobs.
  •       Helping Construction Vehicles—If you need support on your construction site with lifting and winching, our rotator can bring the muscle to assist your construction vehicles. We can also help if your construction equipment has broken down. Our rotator can help remove and transport the equipment for repair.
  •       Loading or Unloading—This rig can handle loads of up to 150,000 lbs. For perspective, that is about ½ the weight of a blue whale, which is the largest animal on earth. Our rotator is crazy strong. We can help with trailer loading and unloading as well as moving heavy machinery.

If you have a heavy lifting job, we have the muscle and experience for the job. Schedule your rotator services today with Southside Wrecker!