Georgia summers make us all appreciate the modern miracle of air conditioning. Getting into a scorching hot car can be very unpleasant, especially if you have leather interior. Since we spend our time on the road in the hot sun, our team at Southside Wrecker has compiled some of our best tips for cooling your car efficiently and quickly.

  •       Get on the Road Before You Start Cooling—On a sticky and sunny day, it can be tempting to start your air conditioning before you even get into the car or leave to avoid discomfort. This is not how your air conditioning is designed to work. When the engine is turning, your air compressor works more quickly. Get moving and then start cranking your AC. One way to speed up your cooling process would be to turn the fan up and roll your rear windows down or open your sunroof. This ventilation will help your car get rid of the hot air more quickly. If you open your front windows, the hot air will remain trapped in the back of your car. Your passengers will thank you for providing proper ventilation and opening the rear or sunroof.
  •       Start Your Temperature Low—Choose the lowest temperature setting your car has and then adjust for your comfort with the fan level. Your cool air is cooled to about 38 degrees so if you cool your car to 68, you are forcing your car to heat up the cool air. Not only will it take longer for your car to get cool off, but you are also overworking your AC and burning excessive fuel.
  •       Shut Off Recirculation Mode—When you have on recirculation mode, the front of the car stays pretty comfortable. If you have passengers in the back, their air will become hot and stale. Switch off recirculation mode if you have someone riding in the back.
  •       Check Out Your Smart Cooling Features—If your car has automatic climate control, this feature is super helpful. You can set your desired comfort level and the car will do the work for you of adjusting the temperature or fans. Not all smart features are that smart though. If you have an auto on and off AC feature, we recommend turning that one off. The concept sounds great because the engine automatically turns on and off when you start and stop, saving fuel and money; however, the system will sometimes cause your air compressor to cut off too. Some cars’ systems are so sensitive that they will cut off at long stop lights or in heavy traffic. Being in traffic is awful enough without adding being hot on top of it. Make sure to review your car’s smart options and only choose the actually smart ones.
  •       Clean Your Air Filter—A dirty air filter can hinder your AC from cooling properly. In some cars, you can easily clean the filter DIY style, but some cars require taking off the entire dashboard. If you are unsure whether your air filter has proper airflow, ask your mechanic to take a look for you.

The summer heat is only bearable with proper air conditioning. Show your AC some love and maximize your comfort by following these tips. Southside Wrecker is standing by if you need us!