From moving to travelling to purchasing a new car, there are a variety of circumstances where an auto transport service can be helpful. Southside Wrecker has over three decades of experience, so you can trust your vehicle is in good hands. If you are wondering whether you could benefit from our auto transport service, explore some of the common reasons why motorists will choose auto transport.

  •       Relocating to a New Home—Whether the home is across town or across the country, an auto transport may be helpful when you must move. By using an auto transport service, you can load up in a moving truck and move your car at the same time. Also, you will not have to worry about your car being damaged by trying to tow it along. Our auto transport service is insured and professional, so you can feel completely confident that your vehicle will arrive without damage whether it is your family’s minivan, a luxury sports car, or a one of a kind classic car.
  •       Travelling Long-Term—If you are spending your summer across the country, the cost of a rental car could add up quickly. You may not feel like you have a choice if you wanted to avoid a cross country drive. With auto transport, you can fly across the country and your car will be there for you when you arrive. Since your vehicle traveled on one of our trucks, your vehicle will not rack up all the mileage and wear and tear of a cross country drive.
  •       Transporting Your Car for a Car Show—If you are a classic car enthusiast who participates in shows, you know the value of keeping your car in its original condition. Instead of feeling limited to only attend nearby events, you can travel to shows throughout the country and have your classic car delivered to the show. You can enjoy traveling without worrying about the wear and tear on your vintage vehicle.
  •       Getting a New Car Home—If you buy a car in another city or state, you will have to coordinate a lot of details to pick it up if you are not trading in your existing vehicle. With auto transport, you will not even have to be present for the pickup if you arrange the details in advance. You can avoid the hassle and save your time. Also, your new car will not accrue a bunch of miles on the trek home.
  •       Helping Your College Student Get Their Car—If your student is attending a college across the country, they may choose to fly to their new town instead of making a cross country drive. We can deliver your student’s car even if you cannot be along to help them move. You can feel confident that your student’s car will arrive without any damage from the journey.

Regardless of whether you need a vehicle moved across town or across the country, Southside Wrecker can help. We always use safe and professional practices to ensure that your vehicle remains in its original condition.