In the realm of transportation, commercial trucks are the backbone of many industries, transporting essential goods across great distances. However, when one of these powerhouses faces a breakdown, it’s crucial to have specialized roadside assistance

The first step in understanding heavy-duty roadside assistance is differentiating commercial from regular roadside assistance. Simply put, standard or “typical” roadside assistance covers any vehicle that isn’t classified as “heavy-duty” or “commercial.” For anyone driving a commercial vehicle, finding a company that provides these special services can be challenging, as not all roadside assistance services cater to the intricate needs of heavy-duty trucks. Southside Wrecker, with its extensive experience, is adept at understanding the unique challenges associated with commercial truck breakdowns. 

So, what does roadside assistance cover for these road titans?

Heavy Vehicle Towing: Tow trucks must be properly equipped for the job. Our fleet, including our unique 75-ton twin-steer rotator, ensures commercial trucks are safely and promptly transported to repair facilities.

Large Engine Jumpstarts: These aren’t your everyday batteries. They pack more power, and when they die, they require specialized expertise for a jumpstart.

Load Shifts and Transfers: When a load needs transferring to another vehicle, Southside Wrecker steps in, ensuring the goods remain safe.

Fluid Deliveries and Minor Mechanical Aid: Commercial trucks have unique engine requirements. Whether delivering essential fluids or offering basic mechanical help, our team is prepared.

Are you wondering how to get roadside assistance tailored for heavy-duty trucks? With Southside Wrecker, help is just a call away. Our track record in Metro Atlanta is a testament to our commitment to excellence and expertise.

With more than three decades of experience, our team at Southside Wrecker is well-equipped for every service you might need. For more information on our services, contact us today and let us keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently.