Mobile Mechanic


Nothing slows productivity like having to have your heavy-duty vehicle towed to a mechanic. Using our Newnan based mobile mechanic service, you may be able to have your repairs addressed on site. Our mobile mechanic team can be dispatched to your location to complete minor repairs and get you back on the road. We service Atlanta, Union City, Newnan, and as far south as LaGrange. Currently, Southside Wrecker is outfitted with two mobile mechanic trucks with all the needed equipment and tools to handle your heavy-duty repair needs. We define minor repairs as repairs related to electrical, air lines, mudflap replacement, fuel delivery, fuel filters, and more. When you need a heavy-duty repair, go ahead and give us a call to see if our mobile mechanic service can help. Since trouble with your vehicle never comes in a convenient moment and place, we can bring help directly to you. Call Southside Wrecker to request mobile mechanic service at your location now!

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