Wrecker Repair


We understand wrecking equipment inside and out. Our fleet includes over thirty different vehicles. If you are having problems with your wrecker and need wrecker repair in Newnan, GA, our team can help get your rig back on the road in no time. We recognize the importance of time in the wrecker industry. When you need wrecker repair in Newnan, GA, you can feel confident we will work swiftly.


Wreckers are often the forgotten rescue heroes—Wreckers deliver crucial help when an accident occurs. For the safety of all, vehicles must be hauled away. Our team works quickly on your rig so you can be right on time when first responders call.

Wreckers help people out—Wreckers support motorists by getting their broken down cars to repair shops. Your wrecker will be fixed so you will be able to help others.

With thirty years of experience, Southside Wreckers will restore your wrecker quickly. Our crew is standing by to help with any needed wrecker repair in Newnan, GA, and beyond.

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